Social Stretch Quest

Last week I went to a Buddhist temple in the city I live in. Knowing that most Buddhist temples are welcoming and friendly, I wanted to try and experience a different culture than my own in a comfortable environment.

This exploration of different cultures and ways of thinking is a very important aspect of design. Being able to learn and understand how people with different fields of interest/passion operate can help with designing information for new and old audiences.

When I arrived at the temple I was greeted by a lone nun who took the time to chat with me about the temple and Buddhism.

She was very kind and friendly towards my curiosity¬†and gave me some great insight into what it’s like serving as a nun for the chapter. This social interaction – exchange of information – was very positive for myself and I feel as though it’s helped with slight improvements regarding my social interaction skills.

Everyone has different definitions, but I’d say it’s safe to argue that design is the exchanging of information through some sort of medium. I highly recommend socially interacting with new and unique cultures/groups to gain experience in learning how others communicate.



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