Stories, Concepts and Cities

In continuation to my most expensive cities research project I’ve been ‘yammering’ on about in my previous posts. This post talks about some story ideas I could go with for my finalized project.

Stories are exceptional tools at communicating messages. They use tons of different ways of expressing emotions, situations and cultural aspects that often leave the audience with something to consider.

This research project is no different. I want to communicate a message with my research – this is the ultimate goal of any research project that gets presented.

For my topic of most expensive cities, I figured I could create a series of stories that show the significant difference in things like buying real estate and living expenses between cities around the world. More expensive cities have living costs that may shock someone in another city.

A carton of milk might be 4x times more expensive in one city than another. Often times these basic food items can be even more significant in price disparity.

Going this direction means staying away from conventionally expensive items that one might connect with ‘most expensive cities’. Cities on this list are not inherently organized around people constantly purchasing extravagant things, but rather that they are subject to higher costs of real estate and living expenses.

With all of this being said, let me list some possible concept statements that capture this idea and give me a direction to go with my research:

  • Expensive cities are like regular cities, with the primary difference being cost to live in them
  • Food can be astronomically more expensive in other cities
  • A home in one city is a mansion in another
  • A meal for one in some cities is a meal for four in others
  • As prices go up, people continue to move further out from their city
  • One week of living expenses in one city is a vacation for others living in another city
  • Eating out in some cities is financially impossible for the same family in another city
  • How everyday things become disgusting expensive as you move up the list of expensive cities in 2016
  • Some cities are simply becoming unaffordable for lower income families
  • An expensive receipt may look daunting to many, but for the local inhabitants it is simply normal



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