ReDesign Sketching: MyMRU

Some more redesign sketching, which is just taking an existing layout and then sketching a possible solution that solves presumed issues. This time it’s the MyMRU homepage, which is a student/faculty site that Mount Royal University students can use a variety of tasks and information.

I went ahead and looked at the MyMRU homepage and thought about the things that bother me when I use it. I took those thoughts over to my sketchbook and began creating possible layouts that would resolve those things. Below is a screenshot of the MyMRU site:

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 7.21.23 AM.png

Below is the sketch I think sums up my solutions best, and below that is an explanation sketch that lists out the different elements in my sketch..


The main aspect of my sketch is that I removed a lot of what I believed to be clutter around the homepage. Specifically, I’m referring to removing the following boxes:

  • Welcome
  • Library
  • Giving to Mount Royal
  • Online Booking System

In my ideal MyMRU site, these boxes would be organized into the other tabs located in the global navigation (or header, see Library quick nav. icon). I think the homepage just needs the announcements, academic schedule and events calendar. For myself, these boxes are the only ones that I ever use on the homepage.

Expanding and emphasizing the announcements box, with thumbnails linked from articles, makes noticing headlines around campus easier. The current announcements box is so bland and insignificant that I don’t notice it at all when I go on the site. A more connected feeling to events regarding MRU would possibly make students feel more connected and aware of ‘what’s going on’.

The other noticeable change is dividing the right side of the page with the academic schedule and events calendar boxes. Just like the announcements, I found that these boxes blend in too much and although they’re more noticeable than others I think there is still room for improvement. In my sketch, the boxes are larger and the dates are more closely tired with their respective event, making it easier to know when things are.


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