Ah, Meditation

This weekend I embarked on another stretch quest, which for me was a curiosity orientated one involving Buddhist meditation .

One of the trickiest tricks of any field is getting into the right mindset, which I chose to think about this weekend. I tried my hand at conducting a Buddhist meditation session to try and relax myself before I worked on some drafts for some projects.

Meditation is simply the effort of concentrating one’s mind on relaxing, which although sounding like a paradox is actually just adjusting what you’re focusing on mentally.

Buddhist meditation can be best described as conventional meditation, but with the added aspect of considering how things work together. This is called ‘Special Insight’ meditation, and is commonly used to consider how things in the natural world work together in the universe. Deep stuff, and I’m simplifying a lot here.

I was just focused on thinking about how different aspects of my design skills, research and goals fit together. So I found a quiet spot in my home, closed the doors and began to meditate. This involved sitting with my legs crossed, back straight and head held up with my eyes closed about half-way for 15 minutes, as I thought about these different aspects.

Afterwards, I felt physically relaxed and went into my draft work with my refreshed mind – which helped me jump right into my design planning.


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