Redesign Sketching: Facebook

I decided to do a little redesign sketching today. I chose Facebook since it’s a popular website and as a result makes for an interesting choice.

As simply as I can put it, I went and had an attempt at redesigning the ‘Home’ page on Facebook to make it more space efficient. I don’t necessarily think my redesign is more usable, but I think Facebook has a lot of different elements scattered around their pages and there could be some improvements to where things are located.

Here is my rough sketch below, and below that is an explained visual of my sketch:



The logic for my redesign is that the main focus should be on posting content and the Facebook feed. I made these two elements take up half of the site page and had them put along the left so someone can adjust their window proportions to just have their feed at the left – ideal for browsing while “working” on homework.

Another change was organizing all of the tiny quick access links into one section and just using icons, which would surely be an issue with usability, but is organized mores imply. I added category tabs below that can show/hide additional quick access icon pages for more kept together information.

The final change was putting the trending section in the bottom right and keeping it relatively the same. I think having it in it’s own corner makes it easier to read or ignore depending on what you’re using Facebook for.

I left the top global navigation the same since I think it has become so synonymous with the site that it would be silly to remove it. People can instantly recognize the site based on that thin blue bar at the top.


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