Sketching Task Centered Websites

Smallpdf is what I believe to be an excellently designed task centered site. It’s simplicity works perfectly with how most users know exactly what they want upon entering – to reduce a PDFs file size.

I went ahead and used this site example to bring out my sketchbook and do some rough sketches to draw out the three step PDF size reduction process (see below). Simple rough sketches help get one’s self accustomed to doing more serious sketching later on when a project is involved.


Step 1: From the front page, click on “Compress PDF” located towards the top left.


Step 2: Click on the large red rectangle located in the center of the screen, selecting the desired file.


Step 3: Click on the download file button to finish the process.

As a frequent user of this site, I find myself believing that the primary strength of this website is in it’s simplicity. Not every site benefits from this minimalistic approach, as some sites with large amounts of information tend to benefit from more-complex interfaces.

Users know what they want when they visit this site, and simplicity really compliments that level of thought by making the task processes brief. This site is an excellent example of this user-to-simple relationship that can be beneficial to websites.

There isn’t much else to say about this site, as its purely task centered and its simplicity doesn’t leave much room for further discussion.


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