Professional Coffee Talk

This is professional stretch quest I underwent a few days ago. Stretch quests are captured moments intended to expand one’s view of their profession by making ‘experiences’.

Whilst preparing a magazine, I stumbled across someone who told me they’d love to be a part of it by writing an article – so we went and talked over coffee. I won’t go into the details, but what I found most interesting was her complimenting how I spoke.

In my work experience I’ve had to meet with a lot of people over coffee in semi-professional contexts. Usually involving a project or article that requires third party assistance. Over the years I’ve managed to greatly improve my speaking in this ‘professional coffee’ context.

At the end of our chat, she mentioned that she really liked a few aspects of my little semi-prepped speech:

  • How I transitioned from personal introductions to professional discussion
  • How I explained my project
  • The level of ‘kindness’ in my voice

Now, the last thing I want this post to devolve into is me bragging about my ability to talk over coffee. Instead I want to highlight that these three aspects of how you talk over coffee can leave a positive memory with the person you speak with.

Friendly communications applies to any career/profession, as leaving positive memories with those you’re engaged with makes them more likely to reach back and help you.


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