Choosing a Collection to Research Pt.2

This is a continuation of my previous post, which you can find here. This article goes into the next step in choosing a collection to research and learn more about.


Just like starting a research project, creating another node diagram will provide a visual tool you can use to choose your topic. For myself, I chose the topic of cities and then put together a quick node diagram in my notes to help myself choose a specific topic.


A quick 30 second node diagram gives me a better look at my options.

Like most brainstorming exercises ‘quick and simple’ is an effective way to start thinking of ideas. The next part is going into more detail.

Below are a few tables put together to even better organize my options. Colour coding the different options gives me a slightly more readable list of possible topics.


A topic, pros/cons chart that provides an even easier to read list of possible options.


The final step is to simply pick an option and then collect as much information as you can, which will be discussed in future posts – all written as simple steps in approaching a research project.


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