Branding : Revisited

Josh Glover


This project is for a very specialised cleaning company. Specialising in the cleaning of houses of people with compulsive hoarding disorder. It’s a serious disorder which truly effects lives. Designing this with not the hoarder in mind for first viewing. But for family, friends and social services. The hoarder would be turned off or scared by a company that was in your face about cleaning and change. Therefore, the type of brand this is, is discrete.

My last shot at this project consisted of an identity for a brand named ‘spotless’. The visual identity of the brand was patterned with illustrative cleaning products. This formed up the main identity for the brand. However, after the final crit it was brought to my attention that it wasn’t totally in keeping with the company’s core values. Compassionate, courteous and professional.

It wasn’t in keeping because the hoarder themselves would be very nervous…

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