Designing in the Social Media Age, An Update on the Hillary Clinton Logo

Visual Communication in the Digital Age

In the week since the controversial Hillary Clinton 2016 logo was revealed, I have spent a great deal of time studying it. Just about every media outlet has written about the logo and the fierce reaction it generated.

High profile designers have spoken out against it.

According to Scott Thomas, the design director for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign said, “I think the Hillary logo is really saying nothing. It’s just a red arrow moving to the right.”

But there are also designers who spoke out in favor of the logo.

Dean Crutchfield, a consultant with Sterling Brands, argues that the logo fits with Clinton’s campaign approach: “She’s talking about the nuts and bolts of getting America off its rear end and helping Americans live a better life. The logo is a literal interpretation of moving the needle north.”

Armin Vit, a graphic designer who runs Brand New, a…

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