We swear by Modiano

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By Katalin Bakos

The Hungarian posters for “Modiano” have an obvious graphic quality. Towards the end of the twenties, Hungary’s most celebrated graphic artists were working for this company. Recent intensive interest in these posters was reason enough for us to invite an authority to tell us more about Modiano.

Aladar Richter, 1932 Aladar Richter, 1932

From the end of the 1920’s until the mid 1930’s, smokers in Hungary came to know exactly what “Modiano” stood for. This was the result of a carefully planned advertising campaign which was developed in logical stages over a number of years. The intellectual driving force behind this extraordinarily successful campaign was the energetic and perpetually cheerful Greek Sokrates Stavropulos. Art connoisseur and friend of all the leading Hungarian commercial artists, he was Head of Advertising for the Hungarian subsidiary of the Italian firm “Modiano,” based in Bologna. It was largely due to his campaign that between…

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