The Future of Content: Enhanced Storytelling

markulus the novice

The graphic above illustrates the roles individuals play when designing a piece of content. No one is exclusively a writer, a web designer, or user interface engineer. All contribute to each other’s productions, and in turn dabble with production tools and software previously unexplored. Multi-skilled and multi-talented individuals will be in high demand with the continued growth of database marketing.

I imagine traditional news media and web based platforms to stream content via VR systems as well as to wearable devices. The foreseeable future brings faster bandwidth and industry growth in sectors historically unexplored by certain regions of the globe. This is both exciting and challenging for content/service providers catering to more individualized needs. Mobile applications have proven this with specific brands and companies developing them to bolster popularity and connect more efficiently with target audiences.

Data collected from online activity as well as mobile applications, provides valuable insights on…

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