Professional Practice Talk 5: Julian Luxford

Jasmine Hutter

This lunchtime talk was taken by Julian Luxford of ‘DW Studio’ a 3D animation and motion graphics company.

Julian showed us a very impressive showreel of work. It looked very different from anything I have tried so far, but I would definitely like to learn more about it! Julian recommended the following two websites: Greyscalegorilla and Motiongrapher.

Here is an example of their recent work. It is NOT a photograph!


The main point I took from this talk was to be a friendly and enthusiastic person. Julian got a job at DW Studio having never worked with animation or 3D graphics before, so his offer was based on a few interesting pieces in his portfolio and his character! Julian also emphasised the importance of networking and ringing people instead of emailing. “They can ignore emails, but can’t hang up on you!” Taking time to wind down was another thing he recommended.

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