Five ways to make your flyers stand out from the rest

Whether your flyers are promoting a product, service or event, there is one thing that’s always important: standing out. Printing flyers and handing them out or mailing them is a marketing strategy with proven success, but it only works if your flyers are well designed and effective in appealing to the people you want to reach. If your flyers look boring, people are less likely to read them, and certainly less likely to take up whatever your flyer is offering.

Here are our five top tips for making flyers that will grab people’s attention:

1. Colour printing costs more than black and white, but when it comes to flyers, it’s totally worth it. Colourful flyers are much more eye-catching and colour printing gives you the opportunity to create a more individual design. You could also match the colour scheme with that of your website and logo. Here (…

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