How to easily remember your ABC’s backwards

Counting back from 1 000 is tiring, but it’s relatively simple. Going back from Z to A can be incredibly tough, and it’s only 26 letters. Here’s a solution for those of you that want to do it easily. 

This is a method that I came up with by myself, tried it, and now after five years I can still do it flawlessly, even without regularly reciting it. ZYX's

This image is all you need, it has all 26 letters of the alphabet laid out backwards and sectioned out four letters at a time.

To properly use it, start breaking it down one row at a time, focusing on four letters at a time. Once you feel like you know that row from heart, start the next row, and once you feel comfortable with that row; then begin combining everything.

Some helpful tips: ‘vuts’ almost sounds like a real word. R Q, and P O are basically the same shapes, but R & Q have little lines poking out of them, and they’re both paired up respectively. N M L K has the Martin Luther King initials in it. And there are probably plenty more.

So hopefully you found this helpful, feel free to test it out on friends and family when you feel comfortable.


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