Spotting Storyboards


An interesting little mind game I came up with in regards to storyboards. 

I watch a lot of movies and films, and as a result I’ve become overly cynical of certain movies that don’t meet my expectations for some reason. Personally, when I watch a movie, every shot needs to be a painting; every visual moment of the movies needs to be significant. So to help me determine how well designed a movie is I’ve come up with a little game to play in my head as I watch it: the spotting storyboards game.

One of my favourite movies that makes great use of every shot, is the movie Drive (2011), and if you’ve ever seen it, you know how amazingly well designed every shot in that movie is.


The game is quite simple, while you’re watching a movie; draw little doodles of each shot in your head as if it were a storyboard, sketching out each shot. Some of the newer movies that have come out, like Birdman (2014) and Whiplash (2014), excel at mapping out each shot, and it makes it feel as though you’re watching a gif composed of brilliantly painted paintings.

Next time you’re watching a movie, try creating a mental storyboard, you might just find a new appreciation for the movie you’re watching.


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