Design Museum rebrand

Graphic Design

Over the last number of weeks I have been working on rebranding the Design Museum, London. The museum cover every area of design from fashion, graphics and achecture. So were do you start? Ask yourself this, what do all design discipline have in common? An idea.


How could I visually represent ‘an idea.’ When an idea strikes, it is like having a ‘light bulb’ moment, where light is shed on the problem or task. To represent this typographically, the ‘i’ could be turned upside down to create the light bulb effect.

I placed the notion of the ‘idea’ as a central part of the typographic identity so that the look would be familiar and different simultaneously. In the main headlines type will be lowercase apart from “Design Museum” and each ‘i’ will be inverted to accentuate the idea driven basis for design. Secondly, I have tried, where possible, to integrate practical…

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