Creating a logo for a Non-Profit Organization


This next project consist on creating a logo for a company or organization, which in this case will be a Neighborhood watch organization.

To start we first need to understand what is a Neighborhood watch.

Neighborhood Watch is the most successful crime prevention program ever offered. By working with your neighbors and the Stockton Police Department,  you can help fight crime in our community the most effective way before it begins!

To move forward with this project we need to find out the purpose of this organization with 3 simple questions.

1. What Community?

Co-op city is an area of the South Bronx, NY where a neighborhood watch like our own has been implemented.

2. Purpose of the Organization?

a. Who does it help?

This program can help to improve the lives of everyone in the community. In particular homeowners, automobile owners, businesses, and schools.

b. How does it help…

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