Designing a Modern Beach House

09 - gZn7zEG

I got bored one evening and decided to put together a design for a beach house. I learned a couple things as I went. I used Sketchup for this.

These are some images of it, mind you I’m not an architect and I’m sure there are technical flaws with the building itself. Regardless, I enjoyed working on it and I like the general design of it. Everything from the windows to the shape of the building.13 - DibNnf7

I think that using a multi-level low angled roof worked very well with the design.
14 - 4whBoKTLots and lots of glass. Especially for the balconies, although I’m sure it would be a pain to clean.16 - hSb5iaQThe backyard. A basement with lots of windows to let in light, with space on the sides to set up lounge areas. The size of the back balcony also provides enough space for tables and even a hot tub. The balcony also bends around the entirety of the home.17 - PIIunJOLooking at the window design up close. Very modern, almost looks a bit like it could come from designs in East Asia.

Ultimately, I thought this was a fun project to do, and I’ll probably find myself making more interestingly designed buildings. Link to the album if you want to see more images of the design.


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