Colourful Superstitions


Everyone enjoys colour in one way or another, but as designers; using the wrong colour could be disastrous if you’re not careful.

Every culture has different superstitions, for instance, across the U.S. numbers like ’13’ are supposedly unlucky. As a result, many buildings don’t include a button for the 13th floor in their elevators. When it comes to colour, some cultures have different meanings attached to them, and if you pick the wrong colour for a design you might have a hard time selling your idea.

In China, the colours ‘white’ and ‘black’ are often associated with  ‘mourning’ and ‘loss’. While white and black are commonly used by designers over in Western countries.

In the Hebrew culture, the colour ‘red’ is usually associated with ‘sin’. For designers and artists in Western areas of the world, red is the colour of passion.

If you find yourself working with different cultures, taking the time to understand what colour superstitions exist in that culture could be very important.


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